Greek Art Today


Greece, the starting place of Artforum Culture Foundation, is an European country of potent contradictions, a region both central and peripheral, a historical and vital geographical point of passage, which has operated throughout history to distil alien ideas and to act as a link between two different civilisations and two different worlds to build up a connection between different civilisations and different worlds. This influence from East, the Occident as well as the north and the south found its entrance in the Greek thinking and life.  In this rich, different and contradictory intersection area, different views, influence and sensations could bundle up to themselves and cause the forming of an independent hellenic culture.

Today the overall situation remains unknown to art-lovers as well as to art critics as well. The arts in Greece, the Balkan and most of the Mediterranean countries are isolated and get a few  chances only under foreign cover. But this is at first a problem of the images of this area and of interest and knowledge abroad, not a problem of quality.

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