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Exhibition projects in Europe and the Arabian gulf countries (2009-2010).


A global world actually and among themselves requires understanding about cultures. The Gulf region thereby is representative for the dynamic process of identity identification. The art-project: 'GULF PROJECTS - From Dark to Light', based on a concept of the art theoretician and artist Georgios Orestis Safiriou. In co-operation with Michael Jansen, Astra art-production, Mahmoud Mirzaie, Eva Ohlow, Padlt Noidlt, Helmut G. Tollmann, Heinz Zolper and further artists exhibitions and actions are planned in the period 2009 - 2010 in the Gulf region, Near East, in Germany and other countries. Cultural partner of the project is the Artforum Culture Foundation with additional support by the Goethe institutes.


Basic idea of the projects is to make as starting point the uneasiness, which proceeds also from the common one in western and Arab culture, for a respectful argument. Those independently developed since beginning of the eighties by Astra and Jansen is an effective way to overcome today again the predominating lack of communication between the cultures. A main condition will be the public presence of the cultural dialogue.


No progress of the cultures without economic basic conditions - and also no economic prosperity in the long term without cultural reciprocal effect. But nobody can know therefore, how the cultural potentials distribute themselves. This is a further approach of the concept. ' From Dark ton of Light'.


GULF PROJECTS refers also to the project variety in the Gulf region and its model-character. The incomplete, the fresh developing, the multiple mix under the pressure of time and market leaves perhaps only further cultural profanity to develop, but perhaps in addition, something, which is synthetic in the best sense.


Artists of all disciplines and art institutions - as well as companies , who are interested for more respectfully intercultural communication - are heartly invited to co-operate.


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