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European Culture Centre (ECC)

An explained aim of Artforum Culture Foundation is to install within the scope of the non-profit assignments an European Cultural Centre (ECC) as an icon of the western culture and a meeting place for the intercultural exchange.

It should become an institution which displays drop-in centre and a close place for artists and cultural partners - not only from Greece, the Balkans, and the countries of Europe, but also from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, America and the Pazific area. Creative people from all regions and cultures should be able to gather here for exhibitions, music and theatre events and to symposia. The variety of their own ideas and suggestions will lead absolutely not only to an enrichment of the modern cultural world of the region, but also transfer new ideas from the exchange of ideas into the world. In particular this European Cultural Centre will also devote itself to the people in the Diaspora (not only from ' Greece) and prepare for them chances to introduce her special experiences.  

Artforum Culture Foundation would like to perform with this idea and the following project development also a contribution for the transfer of  the traditional Greek philosophy as a world heritage, into a new cultural era - in the knowledge, that cultural impulses always show also social, political and economic impact.In this sense, the EEC shall be a home or a retreat for artists and other cultural workers.



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