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General framework


Artforum Culture Foundation is thus at the same time:
A European public service:

Network+ Project Artforum Culture Foundation starts new ways of co-operations cross-over between artists, museums, galleries, cultural institutes, government departments, cities and economical partners. With the Network+ Project Artforum Culture Foundation itself will come in touch to all these different partners and  will provide cross-over co-ordinations between these partners. Network+ Project can become a mediator,  built up connections between all these different partners to realise at the end a self-growing multi-level communication-network.

Artforum Culture Foundation will give technical and personal aid for such a network to initiate new proposals as well as to disseminate information and set up a database that will constitute new tools to handle the future. Various personal and media meetings will worked out and pursued by the Artforum Culture Foundation, as well as pilot projects in  co-operation with partners.

Complementary logic


With whom do we work ?

Artforum Culture Foundation works primarily with partners dealing with the visual arts. But there is also special interest for literature, music, theatre and  philosophy. Network Project has to lead also to closer connection between the different arts.
The aim of the Network Project is to be  in permanent contact with all its partners, particularly those with which it signed partnership and objective conventions. It also works with all countries or structures interested and/or involved in the cultural co-operation.

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