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Artist's support


ACF disposes of a significant specialised library to art history, history and archaeology of more than 9.000 volumes in total, thousands of collection catalogues, exhibition catalogues and auction catalogues, magazines, artist's albums and original documents. The library is distributed to different places and is especially specified on reference books, Greek art of the 19th and 20th century and contemporary art. During the last years digital media are added.
This is not a lending library and can be used only for ACF own purpose and interest.


ACF collects detailed information to all co-operated artists. A special service is the analysis and evaluation of modern Art. The experts of ACF are in position to check masterpieces, especially Greek art of the 19th and 20th century. In collaboration with other art historians and archaeologists, especially with ArtExpert.de, ACF can do research in all major  fields of art. Inquiries of private and public collectors are welcome. After a process of the identification and verification the results can be certified on request. All inquiries for copyrights, sponsoring, photo-credits of the artists can be send to ACF.

Educational programs

ACF receives every year visits from students and pupils of any age, from the pre-school child up to the university-student. Another item is the support and cooperation for adult programs (like Art and religion)

Disposition of Spaces

ACF has outsourced public spaces in the area of Thessaloniki, Athens and on Skiathos. But for most of the projects ACF uses temporary spaces in cooperation with cultural and communal partners. Proposals for co-operative endeavours must be send by email to the Foundations directorate and will be examined on a case by case basis.

ARTFORUM CULTURE FOUNDATION | 26.October Street 58 | Thessaloniki - Greece | e-mail: info@artforum-culture-foundation.org