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Bases of collaboration

Alignment of exhibitions

Artforum Culture Foundation (ACF) offers for the exhibiting artist an independent consultation and the possibility of representation in Greece, the region of the Balkans and the eastern Mediterranean Sea, middle Europe as well as also world-wide. ACF has direct relations with other cultural organisation in Greece and abroad.  
All contracts are fixed by letter and do not load the artist or lending collector within the scope of the ACF offer. Special performances can only go ahead with secure financing. Inquiries of artists, collectors, galleries and institutions can be directed by e-mail to ACF. Documents, as for example catalogues, photos and whatever is necessary to support the proposal, should be sent by post to ACF. If nothing else is written is supplied to the inventory of the ACF library.
The program is normally started 6-12 months earlier. Applications of foreign parties, under the condition of equal quantity and quality, will have priority.


The transport of the artworks should be carried out by a professional agent. ACF will give assistance  at logistic problems. Arising artworks will be controlled by supervision of an employee of ACF and if necessary by a certified conservator.


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