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Organisation of art exhibitions

Artists who are interested in an exchange with Greek culture or who are oriented in humanistic values are welcomed to contact ACF. For first information please send also catalogues, photos, digital media and tell us your interest. Exhibitions are made according to the dimension in the ACF exhibition and/or together with our co-operation partners (e.g., Tsatsis Projects). According to Quality and quantity of the artworks ACF organises parallel exhibitions and exhibitions at other places at home and abroad.  

Planning / program

6 to 12 exhibitions are carried out yearly with new works from the artist's studios, with works from the own collection and with loans of private and institutional collections. The time for planning is normally 6 up to 12 months. Requirement is the receiving of the goods in time. The exhibitions should be document the actual creation of the respective artist. For thematic exhibitions works of different artists can be shown. For presentation the artworks  a gallery system on the walls and separate variable walls exists. Special fixing can be carried out. Sculptures can be installed on white sockets,  in general without glass cabinets.

Organisation of accompanying arrangements

The exhibition program is complemented by

  • Guidance, lectures.
  • Workshops with participation of artists.
  • Music evenings, dance or theatre.
  • Symposia



ACF enables in most cases to document exhibitions by catalogues and other media.

Art Research and  Certificates of Authenticity

In co-operation with ArtExpert (www.artexpert.de) and in world-wide co-operation with other specialists

ARTFORUM CULTURE FOUNDATION | 26.October Street 58 | Thessaloniki - Greece | e-mail: info@artforum-culture-foundation.org