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The ACF - arts centre is part, earlier located in the Vilka-Centre near the harbour, is today outsourced at different places

and mainly of temporary character.


Artforum shop

An art-shop, which offers to the visitor the possibility to acquire original graphics multiple, art books, catalogues and posters is handled now at Artforum Gallery in Thessaloniki and Athens.


For special events, e.g., concerts and additional bigger art-shows there exist  full equipment and spaces in cooperation with partners.

Outdoor space

Within the Vilka-centre there are still open air sculptures. But the last years ACF prefer to promote public sculptures and performances with their own projects and in partnership with other cultural and communal partners.

ARTFORUM CULTURE FOUNDATION | 26.October Street 58 | Thessaloniki - Greece | e-mail: info@artforum-culture-foundation.org