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Artforum Culture Foundation (ACF) is an European non-profit private foundation (NPO) with legal seat in Thessaloniki, Greece. Major tasks are the promotion of art and culture in Greece and the regions of the Diaspora, that means to the places of the world in which big communities of the Greek people live. At the moment about eight million Greeks live beyond the Greek motherland. From the United States up to the countries of  the former Soviet Union, from Canada and Australia over Latin America up to South Africa and naturally in the most countries of Europe there is no international centre without a Greek community.


Artforum Culture Foundation wants to maintain the cultural dialogue and the artistic exchange over all borders in the conviction, that this serves the reciprocal understanding and the tolerance between the nations. The Foundation gets on, primarily, as an international institution. A main target is to deliver contributions for cultural authenticity and against cultural uniformity. The basis of our work are the values of humanism and the application for peace, for social cohesion and for the renewal of the culture.

It is to be got the concern of the foundation to initiate projects (EEC, Network Project, GULF PROJECTS. From Dark to Light) and to give artists the space where they can show their artworks and where they can be valued according to her own aesthetics. A special attention lies on the promotion of gifted artists from all disciplines. With pleasure we exert ourselves for the objective interests of artists.  

Therefore Artforum Culture Foundation is a partner for main cultural activities of public interest by artists,  galleries, collectors, local authorities, companies and all those who are engaged in the future of culture.


Artforum Culture Foundation holds with the artistic estate of the late photo artist Heinz G. Mebusch (The Mebusch Estate) a significant main focus in the area of Photography.  

More than 100 art exhibitions with contemporary works of painting, sculptures, photographs and performance-art were realised up to now, mostly in co-operation with Tsatsis-Projects. Almost all exhibitions were documented by catalogues and brochures.
The exhibition centre Artforum-Vilka near the harbour was initiated in 1996 with a retrospective by Helmut Newton, who was also there himself.

ARTFORUM CULTURE FOUNDATION | 26.October Street 58 | Thessaloniki - Greece | e-mail: info@artforum-culture-foundation.org