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About the Foundation

The Artforum Culture Foundation is an international charitable foundation which exerts itself for a free development of the cultures and promote the interlinking of partners from culture, policy and economy. Artforum Culture Foundation  offers cross-border exhibitions and projects to the general public free of charge. Artforum Culture Foundation is depended on donations to get closer to the target bringing these social assignments closer to the people. Help us to do it and  make a donation now!
Every support counts! Our projects

Responsibilities and current projects of Artforum Culture Foundation:

  • Exhibition plannings
  • Network project
  • European cultural centre
  • Promotion of gifted artists
  • Cultural exchange
  • Promotion more independently more cultural Developments

We guarantee:

  • Every amount helps. If requested, we send you a donation receipt from an allowance of starting 50 euro.
  • All donators are welcome as guests to the limited art openings and symposia.
ARTFORUM CULTURE FOUNDATION | 26.October Street 58 | Thessaloniki - Greece | e-mail: info@artforum-culture-foundation.org