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Greek Art Today

Greek Art Today

Modern Times

Greece, the seat of Artforum Culture Foundation, is an  European country of potent contradictions, a region both central and peripheral, a historical and vital geographical point of passage, which has operated throughout history to... (more)

Famous Greek Artists

Famous Greek artists of the 20th century abroad were among others:Stylianos Antonakos, Kostas Vavagiakis, John Vasos, Peter Voulkos, Steve Giannakos, Christos Giannakos, Morphe Gika, Mary Grigoriadi, Nasos Dafnis, Electrus, Aristodemos Kaldis, Zoe Keramea, Carol Ann Klonaridi and Michael Owen,... (more)

Cultural Scene

More than thirty years after the fall of the dictatorship Greece is a blossoming democratic state, member of the EU, has already experienced his first immigration wave and now tries to find his new role on the map of the world. Also the contemporary art  has profited... (more)

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