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The last ten years... (more)


The Artforum Culture Foundation is a NGO and has the status of a non-profit foundation according to Greek and European law.

Many observers underlined the great political, economic and social changes that... (more)


European Cultural Centre (ECC)

An explained aim of Artforum Culture Foundation is to install in Greece within the scope of the non-profit assignments an European Cultural Centre (ECC) as an icon of the western culture and a meeting place for the intercultural exchange.

It should become an institution which displays drop-in centre and a close place for artists and cultural partners - not only from Greece... (more)


GULF PROJECTS. From Dark to Light

Dialogue of western thinking and islamic culture.

Contributions of western and arabian contemporary artists. Exhibition projects in Europe and the Arabian gulf countries (2009-2010).

In co-operation with the Goethe-Institute



ARTFORUM CULTURE FOUNDATION | 26.October Street 58 | Thessaloniki - Greece | e-mail: info@artforum-culture-foundation.org