Administration and supervision

Artforum Culture Foundation is pleased to hold the artistic estate of the late photographer and conceptual artist Heinz-Günter Mebusch - The Mebusch Estate. Mebusch (1952-2001) gave a great input to contemporary photography. His work series with over 200 portraits of important artists are a fundamental document of the art of his time and a monument of conceptual art.

The Swiss photographer Vera Isler-Leiner (1931 - 2015) was influenced by Mebusch, but created as well  independently psychologising portrait series, where she introduced a new fresh look on people in different social situations. Characteristic for Isler's multi-faceted oeuvre are self-contained artistic and thematic creative phases. The individual work groups - such as programming, genetic or her later photo and video project in New York - are characterized by a deep personal empathy and consistent design. It was the personal desire of Vera Isler to collect her work by Artforum Culture Foundation to realize its contribution to art history and to go on to make it public.

Both, Mebusch and Isler, were as well great volunteers of Artforum Culture Foundation for many years.

The English photographer and sculptor John B.C. Moore (1934 - 2016), only son of the famous pianist Vera Moore and the sculptor legend Constantin Brancusi, lived and worked in France. As the inventor of the colorful light shows of the Crazy Horse Paris, he sought as a photographer his motifs mostly in the environment of dancers and actors. But his work also includes experimental technics as well as underwater photographs. His style is characterized by technical and aesthetic experiments that assign his work a significant place within European photography.

It is a pleasure supervising and promoting the photographies of these great artists, aware that we may conserve and transmit a great treasure of European photography.


Artforum Culture Foundation is a competent partner to administrate artists estates. If you, as an artist or a heir, holding a work or an estate of special importance, looking for the right partner for administration and services, please turn to us with confidence. Do not hestate to contact us: info(at)