About us


Artforum Culture Foundation (ACF), founded 1996, is an European non-profit private foundation (NPO) with legal seat in Thessaloniki, Greece, and with international branches. Major tasks are the promotion of art and culture through cooperation with other npo’s, free projects and artists. An important mission is collecting modern  and contemporary art, almost by Greek artists - also from diaspora, that means the places of the world where Greek people started new life. At the moment about eight million Greeks live beyond the Greek motherland. From the United States up to the countries of  the former Soviet Union, from Canada and Australia over Latin America up to South Africa and naturally in the most countries of Europe there is no international centre without a Greek community.

But art and culture are no one ways and are without borders. Supporting and collecting art by international recognized and emerging international artists, cooperation with institutions, exhibitions projects, collectors and all those who are involved seriously in the liberty of cultures are main tasks to fulfil as well. Artforum Culture Foundation wants to maintain the cultural dialogue and the artistic exchange over all borders in the conviction, that this serves the reciprocal understanding and the tolerance between the people. Therefore the foundation gets on, primarily, as an international institution. This is corresponding to its basic task to deliver contributions for cultural authenticity and against cultural uniformity. Artforum Culture Foundation is respecting the values of humanism and the application for peace, for social cohesion and for respect between all cultures.

It is to be got the concern of the foundation to initiate projects (i.a. EEC, Network Project, GULF PROJECTS. From Dark to Light, Art and Religion, Public Space) and to give artists the opportunity to work and to present their artworks according to their own values and aesthetics. A special attention is dedicated for the promotion of gifted artists of all disciplines. With pleasure we exert ourselves for the objective interests of artists.

These are the reasons why Artforum Culture Foundation is a suitable partner for main cultural activities of public interest by artists, galleries, collectors, local authorities, companies and all those who are engaged in the importance and future of culture.